Saturday, October 31, 2009

2009 Heart Ride on the Beach

Mea culpa, mea culpa. Yesterday we spent much of the day with friends and I lost track of which day it was, so I missed the parade and costume contest for the annual Heart Ride on the Beach. Today it was miserable with a misty rain and fog, which muted the colors of the horses and riders so I didn't take even 1/3 the photographs that I did last year. Those pictures that I did take you can find on Webshots here. If that doesn't work, look for tags of horses, or heart ride on the beach or albums by vagabrauns. I'm currently working on uploading photos and they should all be online by tomorrow evening.

This evening was Halloween at the campground; our group of five rigs full of campers had happy hour together and we gathered at one site with our bags of candy for the campground "beggers" to visit. It would have been better if they had come earlier so we could have seen them; by the time they got to our location it was pitch black and we couldn't appreciate their costumes. But we had fun and the kids made out like bandits with the candy so everyone was happy.

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Anonymous said...

Halloween was fun here as well. I love the little ones, all decked out.

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