Thursday, October 15, 2009


Is the entire northern continent inundated with rain/snow/cold? I fear I made a serious mistake in donating all our winter clothing to charity before we left Ohio. I thought we left the cold weather behind us--HA! Do you think if I purchased new winter duds the weather would instantly turn warmer? I have a sneaking suspicion it would.

I did take advantage of the wet weather yesterday by staying inside and starting to gather up the necessary paperwork for finishing probate on Mom's estate. I can think of more fun things to do, which is why I'm dragging my feet on this, plus I'm not quite sure just what all I need to do in what order because my mother's attorney hasn't been really helpful. The house needs some additional work done to pass inspection, since it is 52 years old but that has been arranged and we hope it will be finished in time for closing. *Crossing fingers*

More of the same today.


SkippyMom said...

If you need help just call. Been there done that. You know how to reach me.

And I agree - what is up with this 40 degree weather in mid October? BAH.

Go buy warm clothes and tempt the fates. I want it to warm up!

Anonymous said...

Rainy days definitely have their place in the grand scheme of things... but come on.. enough is enough. Actually I am not really complaining... the sun is finally out today. :-)

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