Friday, October 09, 2009


Black Beauty's radiator has been replaced; there was a leak in a weld seam or some such thing. Denny and I have been running here and there, catching up with a few old friends, getting a dental visit in (I need a tooth pulled but there's no time for than nonsense) and today we'll be running errands for my niece who gets married today. We need a few more days here, but could only arrange to stay at this campground for a week so we'll be moving on on Sunday morning.

Denny and I haven't been at the campground much with all things we've had to do but I've tried to spend a half hour or so outside with Patches every day, just to take the time to breathe. So I snapped a couple of pictures of her in her hunting mode.

A hunting we will go.

I know there's something in here.

Wait, I see something!

There! I knew I smelled something!


SkippyMom said...

Sorry to hear [on Twitter] it was rainy for your neice's wedding - I am sure it was beautiful, give her our best wishes.

I love your kitty and you are a good kitty Momma - she is so cool. I love her in the tall grass.

I keep threatening the dogs with the idea of a cat. I know Spot would be unglued and Scooby [the 100 lb'er?] would hide. It would be fun, but unfair to the kitty.


Love and hugs! Be safe and happy.

Anonymous said...

Patches is just so adorable. Is there anything happier than a cat in hunting mode.. I think not. :-)

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