Monday, October 05, 2009

That and This

Although I missed the pretty little gray snake in the tall bush in Pennsylvania last week, when Patches startled a chipmunk who was foraging at the base of a tall tree I had my camera with me. While all I saw was a tan blur heading up the tree trunk the short tail told me the critter wasn't a squirrel so I stood quietly holding Patches still while I looked to see where the little guy went. Before long through the leaves I saw the chipmunk twenty feet up the tree. Who knew a chipmunk could climb a tree? The proof is in the picture. You'll have to trust me that it was up that high. You'll see him just to the left (your left as you are facing the picture) of the orange leaf.

Little house on the prairie. The night we arrived two deer wandered across the hollow below our trailer. What a life, huh?

Something different for me; daytime clouds.

Today we met with the estate attorney to handled some paperwork and arrange to have him draw up a new deed for my mother's house; we have a buyer. Yay! When we came out of the office and walked to the truck we noticed a pool of fluid underneath the front end. Curses! We had plans to take Denny's aunt to lunch in Cinci, so we did that, but called to arrange to take the truck in to be looked at tomorrow morning. They have five days to fix it before we have to be out of the campground--there are no free sites after Saturday. We decided to drop the truck off this afternoon where they took a quick look at it and said it looked like the radiator is leaking, or rather the rear-most of the six radiators in the engine. Which means that they will have to remove the first five to confirm that. Sigh. It would have been much too easy for it to have been the first radiator, right?

This week will be busy with repairs, legal stuff, doctor and dentists, visits and of course, my niece's wedding. There will be people we don't get to see, places we won't get to visit, things that won't get done. Time to breathe.


No_Newz said...

Even in all the madness, it's so nice to read of your adventures again! I'm glad the house stuff is finally coming to an end.

We also have a tree-climbing chipmunk here. I think when the dogs are out he'll do anything to steer clear of them.

I hope the truck is fixed asap. :)

SkippyMom said...

Congrats on the house. I know you will be relieved to have it behind you.

And Yuck on the Truck! :( Boo!

At least you have a nice wedding to go to and family to see. :) Yay!

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