Sunday, October 18, 2009

Heat Seeking Missile

That's what Denny calls me when I've spent a cold night curled up tightly against his back. The temperature outside is currently 39 degrees--it's time for this snowbird to migrate again.

Today we'll be taking red roads down to Myrtle Beach. Don and Vicki should already be there by the time we arrive since they are already in SC. I've checked today's forecast there; 59 and windy, but tomorrow it will hit 70 degrees and start warming up from there. Right now that sounds heavenly. I know it will get much cooler there before we leave the area but if I have a couple of weeks of sunshine and warmth I'll be happy.

This week wasn't a good week for photographs because there was fog and drizzle for much of our time here. Today's pics are just a couple of snapshots taken on our brief walks around the campground.

You've seen this one before; it's the old tobacco barn on the property.

I much prefer this type of a pot for plants and flowers.

Even vibrant pink is muted on a gray day.

My fascination with spider webs continues.

I wish the two-tone aqua and blue of the sky showed up better. It was taken as we drove through Virginia on our way here to N. Carolina.


Anonymous said...

70 degrees does sound absolutely heavenly. :-) I am more than a tad envious.

Gypsy said...

Love your pictures andI'm glad I found your blog. Will you be in the southeast for the winter? I'm heading over to Savannah in about a month, and I am also ready for the warmer temps I hope I'll find.

Cecelia said...

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