Sunday, October 11, 2009

Snowbird Mode

The local weather forecasters were threatening the advent of snow on Tuesday of this coming week. No thank you. When I made our camping reservations here in Ohio I could only make them for a week. Now I'm rather glad of that. The cat is curled up tightly in my lap, which only occurs when it's cold outside. Last night when Darb and Net left after their visit the air was so crisp you could see your breath and the sky was full of stars. The smell of autumn was in the air as our neighbors had a bonfire going in an effort to burn their pile of firewood since they too are leaving today.

It is bittersweet to leave; we won't be returning to Ohio for a while which means we won't be seeing our sons and families. Sometimes that's a high price to pay for our lifestyle. But we have discovered over the last eleven years that all roads eventually lead to Ohio, which will always be home to me.

We do have fall this year. The top picture is of the woods across from our trailer the day we arrived a week ago, the second picture was taken yesterday.

And now it's time to pack up to start our snowbird migration. See you down the road.


Anonymous said...

Wow.. love the fall colours. Surprising how they came on so quickly. Its a bit strange up here in the Canadian prairies. No change in the leaves.. still green. But now we have snow. Just weird!

SkippyMom said...

The family just loved the pics - very cool, from just one week to the next. Now c'mon and get you heinies down here where it is warmer. [I hope :)]


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