Sunday, October 25, 2009

Beach Weather

Yes indeed, we've been having beach weather here and it's been wonderful. Denny and I are backed up to Don and Vicki's site so that we both have a view of the ocean from our living area windows. Mornings I'm up early enough to watch for a good sunrise and will call Vicki if I think the view will be worth her getting up that early (at her request, of course). We walk the beach, looking for shark's teeth and beach glass, spend a little time apart in the afternoon (okay, Denny and I take a nap) and then we meet up again for happy hour and dinner either at one of our trailers or out somewhere. So far, Denny and I fit in a round of golf with former work friends who were visiting in North Myrtle Beach, we've shopped, gotten hair cuts, done some maintenance on the trailer and spent an afternoon at the big outdoor flea market buying bits of jewelry, luxurious shea butter body cream, "magic" shammies and whatever strikes our fancy. In a way, when we come down here we're "on vacation"; we spend much more money on our campsite and shopping and dining out than we normally do. Patches begs to go for walks every half hour because of all the wonderful smells here, which includes those of feral cats that live here.

While the majority of people here are in the senior age bracket, there are some young families camping so you don't feel like you're living in a world of "blue hairs", something that is common in Florida and Arizona in the winter. Folks have been friendly and we've enjoyed our week so far. And the best part is that there's still three more weeks here to enjoy. Yes!!!

Speaking of Happy Hour, I never showed off Denny's liquor cabinet that he created when we pulled out our old TV and replaced it with a new flat screen TV which left a large empty space. Voila'...a place for the liquor bottles and wine glasses. The socks are on the glasses to keep them from chinking against each other when we are traveling.

Vicki is the ultimate hostess; our libations are not only tasty they are served in a tasteful and decorative manner. Me, I just plunk them down with a bowl of chips and dip. 'Cuz I'm classy like that.

Our first nice day on the beach we walked the mile distance up to the state park fishing pier because they have really good ice cream there. So we treat ourselves to a double dip and hope we walk off some of the calories on the mile-long walk back to our trailer.

That's the south end of Myrtle Beach in the distance as we are approaching the state park pier. If you stay in the area in September, you may catch the baby sea turtles hatching and working their way to the sea from their nests at the edge of the beach at the state park. There is also a pair of nesting bald eagles that have made a home in the park in the last few years.

You don't need Photosh*p or any picture tweaking software here. Even on mornings when there aren't a lot of clouds the sky turns a beautiful peachy-pink just before the sun rises above the horizon.

When we first started staying here in MB, there were very few sea oats and native plants along the beach at the campgrounds and there was always a lot of erosion. Now the businesses have worked very hard at creating dunes with native plants to hold the sand in place, which also makes for nice photo ops.

There are normally only a handful of people on the beach for the sunrise, which is a shame because the weather has been cool but not cold in the mornings and the tide has been out so you can look for sharks' teeth while awaiting the sun.

The sun sets over the campground and so motorhomes and trailers are always in the shot so I just did a picture of the clouds for this sunset photo. I'll have to do better for the next sunset photo I post.

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SkippyMom said...

::still trying to get down there::

I love your pictures - so soothing. Tell Denny the liquor cabinet is quite a bit of ingenuity to use up that space - I love it. Glad you found new glasses [they are new, right?]

Talk to you soon. Enjoy!

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