Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An Anachronism in Indiana

Just prior to leaving for the golf course this morning I decided to pack some of our clothes in preparation for moving back into The Beast (who is certainly living up to his name.) As I bent over to open the dresser drawer--GASP! A stabbing pain in my hip told me something just moved in a way that it shouldn't have. It took me quite a while to be able to straighten up and then move, so Denny and I knew that golf was no longer on our agenda this morning.

I called the golf course to cancel our tee time and spoke to the same nice young man that had made our tee time yesterday. When I mentioned that I pulled something in my back, he immediately gave me the name of his cousin who is a chiropractor. I thought I'd tough it out but I couldn't get comfortable, so Denny made an appointment for me and off we went to run a couple of things to the rig and go get fixed.

The town where the chiropractor is located is a bit old and tired, as is the building where he is located. I began to have my doubts about what kind of treatment I would receive. Sitting in his waiting room we saw the sign that stated there was no billing, no accounting, cash only. Fortunately we had enough cash but as the doctor started typing up the paperwork (because there's always paperwork) I realized he was typing on an IBM Selectric typewriter. Yep, carbonized forms, electric typewriter, not a computer to be found. This man is only 64 years old but his furniture is at least as old as that IBM as is his chiropractic equipment. It was like stepping back into the late 60s or early 70s.

However, his concern was genuine, his pre-treatment workup was meticulous and the actual adjustment was careful, cautious, gentle and in the end very effective. I could feel the release when he popped my spine into place and the pain was less immediately. The man was better than our hometown chiropractor, I have to say. And during all this we were talking about his hobby or second occupation as a Revolutionary War reenactor where he plays a flag bearer and doctor. I could have sat there and talked to him for hours.

Small town Americana--it's why we travel.


Linda in New Mexico said...

It sounds as if the universe was looking out for your aching back. And in the process you got a side order of blast from the past. IBM Selectric....I was trying to explain a typewriter to GK and it was like flying way above and beyond that cranium...oh least we know what old stuff is huh? Glad the Chiropratctor helped out. Now do you have him schedule to go check out the beast? tee hee.
vert word: columook I don't know, but I think Columook is a town in southern Alaska, at least it sounds like it.

SkippyMom said...

Hey be fair - the stuff could've been from the eighties. I didn't have a computer at college in the late 80's just an electric typewriter [and I thought I was all that!] Computers didn't come around mainstream until later. He sounds sweet and frugal. How nice.

Glad he was able to fix you up. Nothing worse than back pain but nothing better than a great chiropractor. :D

SkippyMom said...
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Living in Muddy Waters said...

Sadly I am far, far away from Myrtle Beach. But I would love to meet you. Where's your next stop after that?

Living in Muddy Waters said...

Sending you a note on FB.

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