Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In Limbo in Indiana

I asked Denny to call our service technician to get an idea of what was going on with the trailer repairs while I attempted to walk Patches late this morning. Since the walk didn't happen (the cat is pretty freaked by all the stuff going on) I reentered our room to hear Denny's belly laugh--not something I've heard much of lately. But this was an oh-my-gawd laugh as it turns out our freshwater tank leak was a leak of three separate tanks in the black, gray and fresh water tanks, plus hoses leaking from our water filter and apparently anywhere else it could find to leak. We have standing water under our storage bin flooring, the black water and fresh water tanks will have to be totally replaced, the gray water tank has been fiberglassed at the location of its crack and well, I'm sure the service guys haven't even looked at the other five items on our list.

So tomorrow we'll go over there and pack up the food in the refrigerator, get some more clothes and cat food and move to an extended stay motel for at least a week. I've had to cancel one other appointment here to get a new suspension installed (a story for another day) and this is going to seriously cut into family time we had planned before our prepaid reservations at Myrtle Beach. Gah! But, as Denny said, at least all of this was discovered while the fiver was still under warranty. So perhaps that's why I'm so calm. It's either that or I'm simply numb.

I'm wondering--how do people type and play games on laptops??? I'm finding it very hard and frustrating to do both after years of using a desktop computer. The backspace key is getting a lot of use here at the RV Vagabonds. I guess I'll get a lot of practice in the next week, huh?

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Linda in New Mexico said...

ohmygoodness. That's a helluva lot of stuff going on. I am so sorry. I suppose I should send some healing energy to you, Denny, the cat, and the 5th wheel. psssssst....I hate laptops.
vert word: fanti....close your eyes and fanti cize that it's all over and you're having fun on the beach and all is well.

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