Monday, September 27, 2010


Have I mentioned our rig was in for repairs for eleven days? While we had to stay in a motel? And that we were glad to be on the road because we were headed to New York to see the grands? Yeah. We made it here okay, had our first visit with the kids, had fun. Yesterday when I got up the temperatures had dropped quit a bit, so I turned on the furnace. Or tried to turn on the furnace. The blower came on, there was a click of the igniter but there was no ignition of propane. And therefore there was no heat. ARRRGGGHHHH. And the only mobile factory authorized service repairman of course was not going to answer his phone on a Sunday. Fortunately we have a space heater (we also have a heat pump but it vibrates the rig so much and is so loud that we don't use it. Dometic says it's not a problem. Yeah.)

Tonight the repairman made it out. In the rain. And promptly blew a fuse in the furnace. But after a trip back to his shop he found some spare pieces parts that fit our model and when he left we had heat.

So I'm laughing. Really. Because this theater has become absurd. And what else can you do at this point?

We were going to play golf with our son and daughter-in-law tomorrow but the weather gods insist on doing their part and thunderstorms are in the forecast. So I'll spend tomorrow morning fighting with our rig's manufacturer in an attempt to be compensated for our expenses for the repair. But I'll do it with this song in my head and so I think I can pull it off without going all lunatic on them.

Any bets on what's going to break next?


SkippyMom said...

You mean the wheels haven't fallen off yet? God I even hate to say that out loud bet jeesh Linda this is ridiculous. Honestly keep an eye on the appliances. 2 to 1 it is the fridge next.

Sorry - I am trying to make you laugh, but my comment sounds too serious because I think I almost am.

Anonymous said...

Yikes... not fun! But the song certainly is. :-)

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