Friday, September 10, 2010

On Our Way

Flying fascinates me. I hate the security lines and paying extra for luggage and the flight delays, but once we're in the air I'm glued to the window. Fortunately for me, on this trip the clouds cleared near Alaska and I got a glimpse of the coastline on the way to Anchorage.As we stepped off our shuttle bus at the Captain Cook Hotel, representatives were standing at the door waiting to hand us our room keys and itinerary for the next day's flight to Prudhoe Bay. Our checked-in luggage was already at our room, complimentary robes were in the closet and the view from our 18th floor room was gorgeous. This is the way to travel!

We had heard from a former co-worker that he and his wife were workamping at a fish camp about one hundred miles from Anchorage and that they'd like to meet up while we were in town. A series of long plane flights and busy restaurants caused a mix up and we didn't meet until the next morning for breakfast but we had a good visit.While we were waiting for George and Carol to show up, Denny and I wandered a few blocks around the hotel, window shopping, gawking and playing the tourists. Along with several hundred other cotton-tops.Notice the short sleeves--doesn't seem like Alaska weather, does it?

We dined at a small cafe and had drinks and appetizers at the Glacier Brewing Company which came highly recommended. Also recommended are reservations, which we should have made for dinner. Oh well, perhaps the next time we're in town!

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