Tuesday, September 14, 2010


As a change from the travelogue I thought I'd make a current entry. I'm typing this from a motel. We're in Elkhart, Indiana having repairs made to our rig and since one of those repairs involves replacing our axles we knew we couldn't stay in the trailer so we made arrangements to stay in a motel for a couple of nights. We're hoping the repairs will all be done by then because quite frankly Patches has already been freaked out by the kenneling experience and she's certainly not happy here at the motel. While we're with her she's being fine but who knows how much heck she'll raise when we go out to meet RVing friends Bill and Diane for dinner!

Denny and I traveled across ten states in six days to get here and I must say we're sick of traveling. Not of our lifestyle, but of driving mile after mile after mile without stopping to get where we need to be on time. That's not a fun way to travel. A lot of the scenery was new to us as we hadn't traveled across I-90 from Seattle before, but since it rained for the first three days of our journey the views were limited and we were more concerned with watching traffic and the roadway. It's a shame because it looked like the drive would be beautiful in the sunshine.

The Alaska picture uploading and blogging is turning out to be a pain since my desktop computer won't recognize my SD cards with the largest number of photographs on it. So I had to pull out the back up laptop to bring to the motel and have been working on renaming and resizing once again. My frustration levels with the entire project have me at the point where I just might let it go for a while and just post a few pictures here with the blog.

Right now Denny and Patches are both curled up on the bed napping. This has been stressful for all of us. I wonder if I could join them without waking them up? Perhaps I'll try.....

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SkippyMom said...

Everyone deserves a good snuggle. They won't mind if you go curl up next them, believe me.

Try and get some rest. Relax. You will be in MB sooner than you know. [and that much closer to ME! HA! Scared aren't you? heehee]

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