Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lazy Sunday Redux

I realize I've been posting Lazy Sunday pictures of things we've seen and done in the previous week, but since I've been stuck here in the rig icing the bad knee/stretched ligament I've gone back to pictures from our past travels. I'm sure you won't mind too much, right?

One of a series of three pictures I took of a particularly stunning sunset on the outskirts of Gunnison, Colorado a couple of years ago.

When you've spent the day walking the trails and inspecting the primitive cliff and cave dwellings of Mesa Verde National Park in the high heat of the afternoon you don't expect to stop at a scenic overlook and see snow in the distance. That always amazes me.

Red rock formations line the roadways north and south of Sedona, Arizona. All of the area is park land so you are supposed to have a permit to park and wander around.

This is a chipmunk I fed every day at our campground near Gunnison, Colorado. Yes I know I shouldn't be feeding the wildlife. Chipmunks don't count (and I feed them sunflower seeds not crappy bread).

Way out in the middle of nowhere, south of Willcox, Arizona is the Chiricahua National Monument. There are walking trails galore, an old settlement, and rock formations in amazing shapes. It's a great place to birdwatch and enjoy a quiet afternoon. So, does that center formation look like a knight in a chess set? Or maybe a pudgy seahorse?

More of the rock formations at Chiricahua National Monument in Arizona.

Of course I had to stick in a picture of the cute kitty. We were trying to sneak a picture of her sleeping with her bunny but she heard the camera and woke up. Someday.

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Coll said...

My grandson and I where looking at postcards depicting aerial shots of Winnipeg. We both remarked on how the land, for miles, is flat. Not a hill in sight. Seeing your photos reminds me of the amazing beauty of the mountains and the diversity that can be found throughout our planet.

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