Sunday, March 02, 2008

Going Nowhere Lazy Sunday

Sunday mornings Denny normally takes me out to breakfast. Well, this morning he went out to start the truck after buying and changing a second fuel filter and the results were the same--the truck rattled, coughed, belched and ran rough. So he turned off the truck and came back into the trailer to cook me a yummy breakfast.

We walked off the breakfast by walking up to the office to see if we could beg an extension to our stay, since we were supposed to leave tomorrow and our membership states that we have to be out of the park system for seven days. The nice man at the office gave us two days (Denny is extremely optimistic that the truck can be repaired in two days) and then we stopped to try to help a couple whose slideouts on their motorhome wouldn't go in. I managed to find the reset buttons, but that didn't work so we wandered on home.

Tomorrow we'll have to call a Ford dealer and try to weasel our way into an emergency appointment to get a diagnosis of our problem and hopefully get it fixed. Our mail is going to be delivered to our next campground tomorrow, so we really need to get out of here and on our way. I had to call and cancel our beachfront rv site and hope that management will be able to squeeze us in somewhere else whenever we finally get underway.

Fun and games at the RV Vagabonds this week.

Who can pass up the opportunity to pick fresh fruit off the tree? Not us! We found a U-Pick citrus grove and ended up with naval oranges, tangerines and ruby grapefruits. Denny was able to reach the sweet ripe fruit that no one else could, since the grove doesn't provide ladders to get up into the trees.

What's neat about citrus trees is that they start blooming again while the fruit is still setting on the trees. These lemons aren't even ripe yet, but there are new blossoms starting already. Those are kumquat trees in the background.

Orange blossoms smell SO good. Denny did sneeze all afternoon as a result of our little excursion, but the air was so fragrant wandering among the trees.

Mid-week we went looking for alligators at the lake at the rear of the campground. No alligators, no sizable fish visible, but lily pads and fuzzy water weeds were in abundance.

This sandhill crane was wandering around one of the campsites that had a bird feeder. Someone told us that a flock of wild turkeys would gather here in the afternoon when the owner would fill the feeder. So far we haven't been there to see it.

This little squirrel wasn't sleeping over the pecan held in his paws, I just caught him mid-blink. A gentleman was trying to get this little guy to take the pecans from his hand, but the squirrel wasn't having any of that as we passed by.

I discovered this gopher tortoise sunning himself in his lair the first day Patches and I took our walk. Patches never saw him, which is probably a good thing since she would have wandered right up to check him out. As it is, she has discovered all the lairs dug into the sand in the woods where we walk and I have to pull hard to keep her from going down into the holes. I'm not sure if the turtles would bite or not, but I'm not taking any chances, because Denny says when they bite, they don't let go.

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Coll said...

How wonderful to be able to pick fruit from the trees. We have apple trees here but little else that we can hand pick. I would love to be able to smell the orange blossoms.
Love all the critter pictures. That turtle does look like he may have a nasty bite to him.

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