Saturday, March 01, 2008

Signs Around Town Meme

Vitamin Sea suggested a "Signs around town" meme for March 1, so I culled some signs from our travels. I've missed many more than I've taken, simply because I never got into the habit of taking the camera with me as we drove from campground to campground. I now try to take the camera with me for longer jaunts when we're not going to return to the area again.

This dragon crossing sign was along a roadway we were taking when en route to see the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Park in Michigan. I had Denny turn around just so I could get a snapshot of it.

You'll see a lot of these signs in campgrounds with the various breeds of dogs displayed--hmm, maybe I need to suggest one for domestic short-haired cats to the manufacturers...

We were leaving Happy Jack, Arizona and heading the back roads to Cottonwood when we saw this sign next to the roadway. We had no intention of bothering the rattlesnakes, believe me!

The week we stayed at the Niagara-Hartland RV Park we had a LOT of rain, as evidenced by the humor of this sign they put beside the entrance to the campground.

Yesterday we stopped at a U-Pick citrus grove to pick some fresh grapefruit, tangerines and oranges. This sign greeted us as we arrived.

This was the second sign to catch my eye at the U-Pick citrus grove. Note the size of the trap--ouch!

Denny and I have driven past the Roadkill Cafe in Elberta, Alabama several times in our travels but we've never had the nerve to stop and eat there.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

These are all wonderful! O love The Roadkill Cafe...(lol)..I'm not sure I'd have the courage either...! And Dragon Crossing is delightful!
My "signs" are up, too!
Really fun to meet you!

No_Newz said...

Oh stop there! If nothing else you get good blog material. :D When I was a kid I wanted to open a place named Roadkill Cafe. It's funny how an idea that is so nasty can come to more than one person! Have a great weekend! Thanks for sharing the photos.

Deana said...

What great signs and I love the Roadkill Cafe idea. What a great name. This is a very cool blog, I want to make sure and come back!

Coll said...

Great signs.. you had me chuckling more than once. :-)

Laura VitaminSea said...

Tourist Trap??! Oh my! LOL

And a quite zone for rattlers? Who knew?? Amazing, what people will request of you... (j/k)

Loved these series, Linda. This way, we can travel around the country with y'all, virtually, of course.

I think I'll do this meme the last Saturday of every month, so any time you have a sign you want to post, just let me know and I'll put up a link to your site.

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