Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bad News/Good News

The bad news is that the pilot light of the water heater at my mother's house has gone out three times in as many weeks. I had a plumber come out yesterday to change the thermocoupler and to see if the water heater needed a new thermostat. The bad news; Mom needs a new water heater as it is leaking carbon monoxide as well as not working properly. The good news? I was here to notice and to call to get it fixed before I left today to go back to Cinci (finally!).

Thus the wait for the plumber begins as we were given the standard "we'll be here between 10 and 2" routine. We have to be at the doctor's office at 2PM, plus the physical therapist is coming to work with my mom on some strengthening exercises for her hip and leg muscles. Mom is still a little confused and shaky (and no wonder with the low sodium and leaking carbon monoxide on top of that) but she has been eating a lot better and she's taken control of her medication and managed to wash the dishes a couple of times. So I'm fairly comfortable with the idea of going home today. Denny and I will stop back on Friday to install a grab bar next to the bathtub but after that Mom will be on her own until next Friday. She'll have a visiting nurse twice a week next week as well as the physical therapist and they have my number if they feel she shouldn't be on her own yet. At that point, I'll have to work something out because I really need to help Denny get his father's house painted so we can get it on the market before the sales season quits for the holidays and cold weather.

The ducks are starting to align in neat little rows for the moment. Yay!

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