Saturday, August 09, 2008

Playing Catch Up Yet Again

Wow! A week has come and gone since my last post, not counting this morning's post. Denny, his sister Connie and I have jumped into working on their father's house with a vengeance. Denny has been painting while Connie and I have been washing everything left by their step-mother who was admittedly a lousy housekeeper. This woman didn't have dust bunnies under the beds, she had Abominable Snowmen under there. I was going to wash, tag and price everything and have the estate sale, but the Realtor wants furniture and "stuff" in the house while it is up for sale so I'm having to hold off on that. Which means I'll start helping Denny paint the upstairs and then we'll tackle the storage room and garage after that, since we promised the Realtor that we'd have the house ready to list and show in a month, optimists that we are. We're finding more and more things in need of repair or replacement as we move from room to room, but the only thing that will have to be handled by professionals is replacing the carpeting. Everything else Denny and I can do, fortunately, since the two of us are kinda handy.

Again, all this fixing-up work just reinforces our commitment to a foot-loose and fancy-free existence in our wonderful tin can on wheels. I don't know just when we'll be back on the road, but we will be back on the road.

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Coll said...

Good luck with all of this. It is a good thing what you are doing.

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