Friday, August 22, 2008

A Welcome Home

Yesterday morning I was treated to a blush of a sunrise as a welcome home gift. It felt great to be back in front of my own computer watching the first eager hummingbird of the morning drinking deeply from the feeder on the back window against a backdrop of deep peachy-pink sky.

Work continues apace on the house; Connie worked on washing the dining room walls to prep them for painting, I re-grouted the joints of the shower stall in the main bathroom, painted the medicine cabinet and worked on putting the living room back together since Denny finished painting it while I was gone. He really worked hard all week while I was up in Kettering and it shows. We are taking most of the day off today to do some work at my mom's house and then join friends for a cookout so Denny will finally get a bit of a break from the house, although not from doing maintenance. Plus, since I volunteered to make a coconut cream pie for the cookout, he has to make the crust for me. That's what happens when you become renowned for your pie crusts!

This afternoon a friend of my mother is taking her out to lunch so I'll be able to get an independent opinion on the level of improvement she's made since she's been in the hospital. Mom made some weirdly disconnected statements right before I was due to return to Cinci on Wednesday which concerned me so things still aren't right but that may be a new separate issue. Sigh.

And the beat goes on....

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Coll said...

Wishing you all the best with all of this.

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