Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Late in the Day Lazy Sunday

Our day started early with breakfast at the Red Squirrel with Denny's sister Connie. After we dropped her off at her house, Denny and I got to work on his dad's house, Denny power-washing the sidewalks and porches while I tackled scrubbing down the kitchen cabinets. I was pretty impressed by the job done by the power washer and by my own muscle power after rubbing in a coat of furniture oil on the cabinetry. For a break away from harsh cleansers I sprayed painted the decorative molding around the main bathroom vanity as years of use by Dad and his wife had worn off all the paint in one area. I was pleased with the results of that and decided to quit while I was ahead. One of these days Denny and I really are going to take a break and either play golf or catch a funny movie just to get away from this place and worrying about my mother.

Another great way to get away is to go back and look through the pictures from our travels. So in no particular order and with no particular theme we have simply pictures that make me smile and bring back many a fond memory.

The Spotted Dog Restaurant sits next to the World's Largest Kaleidoscope in Mt. Tremper, New York. We didn't eat at the restaurant but appreciated the humor of the building's architect.

This is the stained glass ceiling of one of the main bathhouses at the Hot Springs National Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Touring the town was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon and visiting the museum lodged in the Fordyce Bathhouse transported us back to the days of the early 1900s when "taking the waters" was the rage.

This picture stumped me. Many of our early photographs were left in Darby's care and he has been scanning the prints onto CDs for me, but unfortunately he doesn't label the pictures with whatever I wrote and dated on the back of the photographs. I believe this is a natural arch located in the area of Fairfield Bay Resort in Arkansas, where we spent a week for our vacation when the boys were much younger. If it was, I'm surprised that the shot doesn't include the two boys standing on TOP of the natural arch. Not that I would have allowed that.

This is the second set of falls at Pattison State Park in Wisconsin. These are the little Manitou Falls and if you are lucky enough to discover this little park with its two sets of falls and sandy beach on the lake you'll enjoy a wonderful afternoon of sunlight, water and clean air.

Ah, the 16 day old Clydesdale foal at Grant's Farm in St. Louis, MO. If there was a way I could have smuggled him out I would have. I love these massive, gentle creatures and have several pictures of Denny and the Clydesdales both at Grant's Farm and at the Anheuser Busch brewery where they maintain a stable of these lovely animals.

Lacey Point at the Painted Desert in Arizona. Arid, windy, beautiful.

Words cannot describe the deep rust red of the rock surrounding the area of Sedona, Arizona. One doesn't need to Photoshop any pictures you take out there--the color and grandeur of the rock formations are awesome on their own.

It's shots like this one that make me miss camping the most. This shot was taken at one of our membership campgrounds near Gunnison, Colorado. We were there at the end of the season in September and it was a lovely time to be in the area. We WILL go back someday.


Deana said...

You really have seen some beautiful things on your journeys! I am like you and love to look back over my travels by photo. I keep them in albums but I pull my very favorites out to keep in one book that does not have a time line but more of a heart line kind of thing.

Coll said...

I always think of photography as capturing a moment in time, a memory that might have otherwise been lost. Looking back at old photos helps me relive good times and captured beauty.. food for the spirit when every day life is challenging. I love your photos Linda. Being me.. I think my favourite is of the foal. What a charmer he is. :-)

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