Sunday, August 31, 2008

Holiday Weekend Lazy Sunday

I was thinking to do a holiday-themed Lazy Sunday, but then random pictures would catch my eye begging to be included. So there are some holiday leaning pictures and some others that are just there.

This morning we're meeting Denny's sister and cousin for breakfast and then we'll do some work on the house (surprise, surprise!). I did manage to get a urine sample from Patches to have tested and that's not the problem. Since she climbed so easily into the empty litter box that we had used with her when she was a kitten, I switched to that one and for the moment she's using it quite well. It's actually too small for her though, so I'm going to get a bigger one. We're thinking the older box (which we had used with our previous cat years ago) just had soaked in too many smells and had become obnoxious to the cat. *Crossing my fingers here.*

For those working stiffs out there; enjoy the three day weekend. For those of us who are retired, it's just another series of days. But that's okay with us!

The Wenatchee River near Leavenworth, Washington is one of the prettiest rivers we've seen. Doesn't it look like it would be fun to white-water raft on this one?

This particular Lego-like statue of a "naked lady" is located at the ghost town of Rhyolite, Nevada which is a neat little place not too far from Death Valley, California.

The Lettuce Festival in Yuma, Arizona is a great place to get a bowl of salad instead of the usual deep-fried junk.

I've been talking about all the work Denny and I are doing at the house, but Denny's sister Connie is the real worker, because she's doing all the wall and floor scrubbing first. Here's Denny and Connie at one of the family reunions in a much more relaxed moment.

We're going back a few years here. This is our old neighborhood in Beavercreek, Ohio. I don't remember if this was a 4th of July celebration or a Labor Day celebration but the kids were having a ball. Steve is in the middle in the maroon outfit and Darby is on the end of the rope on the right side of the picture in the bathing suit. Obviously, this was well over twenty years ago since the "boys" are 36 and 31 respectively.

These panthers reside in one of my favorites places, Brookgreen Gardens south of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Acres and acres of sculptures and artwork set in gardens beautifully created and maintained. This is one of the places we return to again and again.

Another favorite spot is Gatlinburg, Tennessee; not the shopping/touristy part, but the streams and trees and mountain vistas. Here I caught Darb just as he was ready to chase the geese, although I'm sure he'll tell you he was just trying to watch them. Again, remember the child is now 31 years old.

Is this child not adorable? This is Adam, our little neighbor Wookie (I've probably got that wrong, not having memorized the Star Wars movies unlike some younger member of the family). "Little Adam" is probably in his mid-twenties by now, but he was our favorite of all the neighbors' kids.

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