Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cruisin'....on a Sunday Afternoon

Saturday evening was the night for the staff to celebrate (hey, they were getting rid of all of us soon!) At dinner we were introduced to the cooking staff, the waiters sang and played guitars and danced with the guests. There was a talent show where the staff had the opportunity to show off their magic tricks and singing skills and the mood was light onboard.

Sunday was a full day of cruising to get to our final destination of Vancouver by early Monday morning. Denny and I wandered the ship, played the slots, met up with various members of the Prudhoe group and I packed up our bags in preparation for our early luggage pick up. The skies outside were gray, dreary and sometimes rainy and most of the scenery looked the same.

This fisherman held up whatever it was he had caught (I presumed a salmon) which appeared to be quite sizable but he was a bit too far out for my zoom to fully see what he had.

I loved the way the mountains looked out of focus here.
Purple mountains majesty.
This was probably the most relaxing day we'd had on the entire trip, other than the train ride to Whittier. One last day of being served, of having our bed turned down, of being "sirred" and "ma'ammed" and it would be over.

But you know what? We were anxious to get back home to our rig. It was time.

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SkippyMom said...

I'll take your dreary in Alaska over our dreary here anyday of the week. :) The fisherman was so cute to hold up his catch. He is now immortalized on the webs.

Linda in New Mexico said...

I have so enjoyed your travel log. You are so very good at this. Makes me feel like I was there with you... I have in the past sat through people travel photos and have them have to explain "what" was in the picture.....you are so good. I may have had to ask you where but never what.
Kudos. Our own Charles Carrault (sp). Very enjoyable and educational. Thanks for the encouragement on the story and the grands. Love your traveling self, Linda, the other.

CeiPui said...

I must say we did luck out with the weather in our AK trip, after reading your entire journal!

Regarding your horse-back riding excursion, I had done that one year in Yellowstone NP and I was sore for a whole week, never in my life will attempt another ride! I bet Danny didn't need a whole week to feel better!

BTW, I have transferred some of my archives and am now blogging in Blogger, so look me up in there... (site link is in my profile)

Sorry about the problems you had with your rig. Are they fixed now?

To answer the question you left in my other blog, no, we won't buy a RV until 2014, got to wait for my son to graduate from high school first. I'm so tempted to buy one now, but there's just no room to house it even we have a large circular driveway (already have 3 cars). So, I can only travel thru you and other fellow RVers for now.

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