Sunday, October 10, 2010

Run, Run, Run

Not running for the cure, not running for our lives, simply running errands, running to see friends, family, former co-workers and trying to do it all in six days. Gah. We're exhausted and today we have a 400 mile drive before we stop for the day. This year we're dividing our trip to Myrtle Beach into two days instead of three which gave us an additional day in Dayton, but makes for a long day today. We just keep telling ourselves we have a month to recuperate once we get to South Carolina.

We still have no idea when or where our burned out appliances will be replaced. It seems everyone and their brother is having their RV repaired in Myrtle Beach. The wait time for the dealer across the street from our campground is January. January!!! That would be just a tad too long to go without a TV or microwave. We are now able to watch the small TV in the bedroom after having a new DISH DVR installed to replace the burnt out one. So we can at least watch some news and Denny can watch some sports.

Patches has been enjoying our time here. She recognizes this campground since we've spent a lot of time here the past three years while taking care of our parents' issues. There are mice in the field behind the trailer and she's content to sit and watch for them which allows me to enjoy the rustle of the colorful leaves in the trees and the whistle and chirp of woodpeckers, goldfinches and chickadee-dee-dees. The tang of wood smoke tickles my nose while the bright sunshine in the clean air makes the surrounding woods appear to exist in a form of super-3D with all the edges sharper and clearer than they are in the summertime. The cat and I will both miss it here.

I got a new toy this week, upgrading to an iPh*ne. Darb claims I'm simply trying some one-up-manship on him. He and his wife had encouraging news yesterday--their dog's cancer hasn't spread to her lungs yet so she'll have some additional time for treatment and loving care.

I think that catches us up in a very small, condensed nutshell. I'm still working on the Alaska pictures and my next project once they are all edited is to get everything backed up to an external hard drive since we dodged the bullet when our computer didn't fry along with the other electronic devices last week (was it only a week and a half ago?) I'll put it on the list.

See ya down the road.

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Linda in New Mexico said...

Running. Sounds like it. As a matter of fact, from here, it sounds as though that's all you've been doing since returning from Alaska. But at least at this time it's seeing friends, etc.
You down time with Patches sounds lovely. I love that you used the word tang of the smoke. I only know one other person who says that. Makes me smile. The vert word is laxesse....I hope you and your Sweet man gets to laxesse lots in South Cakalacky.

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