Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Our First Full Day of Cruising

After our rushed introduction to our room, having to climb seven flights of stairs because the elevators were shut down for the "emergency evacuation training" *gasp*, we were ready for our late night meal and a bit of ship exploration.
Indoor and outdoor pools; check. Three story atrium with glass elevators; check. Elegant dining rooms; check. Multiple gift shops; check. Casino; checkchecked it out. Denny actually walked out with an additional $50 in his pocket from the penny slots. Not a bad way to start the cruise.

We did have melodrama our first full day on the ship. A lady slipped and fell on the marble steps of the atrium, knocking herself unconscious and apparently ending up with a severe head injury. She was air-lifted from the ship and Denny and I and all those with upper seaboard balcony rooms were required to leave/stay away from our rooms during that period. Apparently the ship did not want anyone photographing/filming or even seeing the person removed from the ship. I guess they have their reputation as "fun" ships to maintain. Denny and I spent the time listening to Kathy, the naturalist, talk about growing up in Alaska followed by a talk by the ship's shopping director about all the types of discounts and goodies available at the various ports, all the while ducking in and out of doors to watch as we cruised past the Turner and Hubbard Glaciers in Yukatat Bay.Turner Glacier is black with crushed rock and silt.

Hubbard Glacier is the standard deep blue, although the blue is more washed out in bright daylight (which is the opposite of what I would have thought.)

The naturalist informed us by loudspeaker that the small (less than three foot high and sixteen feet long) icebergs we were seeing were called growlers, while the ones that were three feet to about fourteen feet hight and fifteen to forty-six feet long were called bergy bits. After that, they are classified as small, medium, large and very large.

A bergy bit.
Once we were out of the bay and cruising towards Glacier Bay Denny and I hit the buffet for dinner (it was formal night at the restaurants and Denny wasn't in the mood to dress for dinner) where we linked up with a few of our Prudhoe group. After dinner we took in the live music and dance performance in the theater and then it was time for bed. We were plain tuckered out.


CeiPui said...

You know, I kept on checking my camera's setting, for even with a blue sky all my pictures were quite wash-out in a funny way!

Doesn't the trip feel like ages ago? :(

Linda in New Mexico said...

What a gorgeous ship. And the pix were chilly baby.
The Olde Bagg

SkippyMom said...

Wow - nice ship, nicer scenery. Go Denny for the win! :)

Sorry to hear about the lady's accident. Hope she was okay.

I could look at those pics all day long.

RV Vagabonds said...


Yes it does seem like the cruise was a long time ago. And I found that several of my pictures taken in the inlets where the glaciers were had a strange hazy/washed out/strong blue tint to them. Others were fine. No clue as to what caused that. But it was still a fantastic experience!

Anonymous said...

OMG.. it all looks so elegant. And the Glaciers... just beautiful!

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