Saturday, October 16, 2010

Do Not Pass Go

Luckily for me, the message didn't come through until after we had finished having lunch with our friends. Because I might have made a bit of a scene.

Our customer service rep from HeartlessHeartland called to say that he had all of our appliances lined up to be shipped to our agreed upon service location...but. Yeah, there was a but. It seems our customer service rep's supervisor has spoken and we now have to wait for the RV service center that fixed our electrical issue in Ohio to send the bad piece of our plug/cord to the original manufacturer of said plug/cord to see if the part was defective or damaged. Defective and the company pays for it. Damaged (how?) and we have to pay for all the appliances and labor costs. WHAT??? Yeah.

I probably could have dealt with all that better if the issue had been brought up right from the get-go. We need our washing machine, TV, microwave/convection oven and central vac replaced regardless. What would have happened if the original service center had thrown out the part after cutting off the end and replacing it with a new plug? Would they have refused us our repairs out of hand? And how long is it going to take for this third party to get the old part, check it out and notify Heartland so that they can authorize shipping out all the appliance which will take time to get here and get us scheduled into the shop before we're due to leave here?

Not a happy camper right now. Nope, not happy at all.


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

I'd be on the phone to the CEO of Heartland demanding to have this rectified, like you guys screwed up the old plug, how? Plugging it in to an outlet. That would be my last heartland trailer, and when I read about issues like this and the way some manufacturers try to wiggle out of their responsibilities, I just write them off as ones I will never look at, You read to many blogs about people who have had issues and the makers go out of their way to make them right. Sorry you guys have had all this aggravation,Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

SkippyMom said...

I wholeheartedly agree with Sam and Donna. It is time to skip all the yahoos in the service and warranty departments and go straight to the top.

Sit down and write a very detailed letter of the past 11 months. Try and stay calm and rational - although I know that is hard - [I would be flipping my lid at this point] but you might want to point out about your blog - and that there are a whole lot of readers out here that wouldn't consider Heartland now if they were they only manufacturers left [us included] if they don't make this right.

You know I wish you luck and I was there to hug/have a drink/okay two drinks with you - but hang in there and I am around if you need someone to yell at. You can pretend I am a service writer for Heartland. I can take it. heehee

Linda in New Mexico said...

Oh hell no.
I cannot fathom this type of behavior. I mean really????? I am with your first commentors...I hear bad things and that's it for me. I would tell everyone I know, if asked, not to deal with companies that behave this way.
I am so disgusted for you guys. I'll take a valium and go try to not think about it.....but damn, that just chaps my hiney.
Let me at um. I haven't bitched anyone out all week....well if you don't count Skippy and Joe. Kiss, Kiss Skippy.
Be well, have a couple of adult beverages for me and retain a lawyer. All free old broad advice.
XXOO The Olde Bagg
vert word...jablew...what I would suggest you do if you get in a fist fight with Heartless, give um a jablew, below the belt.

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