Friday, October 22, 2010

Snap Impressions of Vancouver

There wasn't enough time between disembarkation from the cruise ship to the time we needed to board our flight to Seattle to tour Vancouver. I did try to squeeze in a bus tour but the Princess folks said nope so that was out.

However, our very nice shuttle bus driver took us on a little detour to see a little of the town since it was Labor Day and traffic was much lighter than usual which allowed him a few extra minutes for arriving at the airport on time. Bonus. Our brief drive through showed Denny and me that we needed to come back for future exploration of this lovely city.

Arriving at port pre-dawn.The pier looked like a ship under full sail.
I believe this is the Convention Center as seen from the ship.
It was a rainy morning when we arrived, but sometimes that makes for dramatic photographs. This is an area at the port where they unload and load shipping containers.

A bit of architectural detail high on the side of a building downtown.

This should look familiar to fans of the Olympics.
Our bus driver referred to this as Snow White's house. This really is a house in the middle of a residential area in Vancouver.See why we need to return?


Paul and Mary said...

I felt the same way about Vancouver. We spent one night before and another after our cruise. But, that wasn't enough time. The city reminded me of San Francisco...only friendlier and prettier. We must go back!!

I've enjoyed your travel recap. Thanks so much!

Linda in New Mexico said...

SM and I have a trip for our 40th planned and Vancouver is our destination. That is where he was when he asked me to marry him. No, actually he told me he was going to marry me while working there at a hospital. So I guess it's one of those, back to the scene of the crime sorta things. tee hee.
Gorgeous photos as I'm even more excited about our trip.
The Olde Bagg
oh this one will be a stretch...
vert word. upultra. I used to work in a fabric store where we sold fabric to people who wanted to upultra their furniture. I told you it was a stretch.

SkippyMom said...

Such diverse and interesting pics. The bridge with the lights and the clouds in the background is so serene. Neat.

[I am winning the vert word this time, tyvm]

Sistoes - Yo' we three be sistoes.

Yes, I WAS a rapper in my former life.

Sue and Doug said...

hey that's where we are from..if you are ever back in our fair city..?? doesn't rain all the time!!..great shots made it look pretty good!!

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