Saturday, October 02, 2010

Life Interrupted

To say life has been a little crazy lately would be more than a bit of an understatement.
When we arrived in Ohio from New York we discovered we had no power to The Beast. Multiple trouble shooting steps were tried with no luck, so we contacted a mobile RV repairman who charged us a lot of money, had the power on briefly but once he drove away it quit. A call back to him got no satisfaction as he was stumped (no refunds, either). Contacting The Beast's manufacturer got a quick response of a RV dealer who could take a look for us. We called the dealer to make our arrangements to stop by, then it was time to pack up, close up, hook up and pull the rig to Johnstown area for our repair. From there we headed to our son's house as we've been stopping over there in the afternoon to give their dog a pain pill. (More on that in a moment.) The service tech had recommended we take some clothes with us in case they didn't find the problem right away so we packed everything we'd need for us and the cat and headed back to Delaware. I was in the middle of preparing my daughter-in-law's birthday dinner when the RV dealer called us and said they were finished, so Denny and I jumped into the truck (leaving my dinner preparations and mess as they were, unfortunately) and headed back to Johnstown to pick up the trailer, get it set back up, toss the cat inside and head back to Darb's house to finish making dinner. Unfortunately Net got home before we did and cleaned up my mess (arrgggh--guilt!) but we got dinner on the table and had a nice evening.

The dog; poor Callie had emergency surgery last weekend after collapsing. The vet discovered a mass around her spleen and lab results confirmed an aggressive form of cancer. Right now Callie is responding well to the antibiotics and pain meds but her prognosis is poor. So there's not a lot of joy in that household right at the moment because the furkids are an important part of their lives.

The Beast: has power but the short in our power cord burnt out our washing machine, our microwave/convection oven, our central vacuum system, my Wii, our bedroom DISH DVR receiver, our alarm clock and our large living room TV. Heartland will replace everything as we are still under warranty with the trailer (remember, for all that has happened this rig is only nine months old.) We will arrange for all that to be done while we are in Myrtle Beach where we'll have time in one place to get it done and have friends we can hang with while it's being worked on. Also while we were in New York visiting our oldest son, our furnace went out but the mobile rv repairman we called up there was able to fix it with only one trip back to his shop for parts. Relatively simple and less expensive than the repairman who really didn't fix anything. We have discovered that The Beast is aptly named.

New York: That went well other than the fact that the weather forecast of thunderstorms cancelled our family golf outing. The grandkids are doing well in school, although Rissa, the oldest granddaughter, has been unable to run track due to a problem with her tendons. She'll be working with a physical therapist and hopefully will be back running soon. Kara, the youngest was showing me her math homework and all I can say is that teachers are making addition WAY too difficult with line graphs and groups of tens and ones, etc. What ever happened to putting your numbers in columns and adding them up? Sheesh. Zach, the oldes,t is nearing graduation in Job Corp and already has a job lined up. Now he needs a car. Oh the joys of parenthood! He had to get back to school and slipped out before I could snap a photo but I am posting ones of the girls.

Marissa aka Rissa:

Kara aka Kare-BearI realize this is kind of a crazy, mixed up posting but that's pretty much what our life has been the past few weeks. I will get back to posting about the Alaska trip soon. I think.


Linda in New Mexico said...

With all that ya'll have been through I don't know if I would be able to write about it as you do. You and Denny need to get to Myrtle Beach and kick back and have some American Tea, hehehehe. Take Care and Be you too but I am speaking to the beast now. XOXO Linda the other
vert word rossna........I have not a I lose big time. Sorry.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Boy what a string of trouble, hopefully all the kinks will be out of it before the warranty is up I hope you guys got an extended one so you can see how long it will go between faults.Like Linda said get to the beach and kick back, tell Denny to try a Blue Blazer,That was a cop drink before Sam retired from the PD. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. you have been on a bit of a roller coaster ride. Glad to hear all the appliances will be replaced. And so very sorry to hear about poor Callie. Very heartbreaking.

Your grand daughters are beautiful! :-)

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