Thursday, June 02, 2005

Heading out

It's moving day. Our next destination is about 269 miles if Street Atlas 2005 is correct, which is a little farther than we normally go but not as far as we've driven at other times. 150 to 200 miles is the distance we like to travel between campgrounds.

While talking to a couple of women in my water aerobics class they mentioned our next campground is "shady". I'm hearing that as "lots of tall trees" so it's very possible this will be my last entry for a week. Our satellite connection depends upon the availability of an open view of the southern sky. I use the free hours of Netzero dial-up service as a backup for going online, but their list of local phone numbers is limited. Now if there's no cell phone signal either, I'll really feel isolated! The ladies in my class did give me a couple of suggestions on places to see and where to eat, which is always helpful. But it is amazing how many folks recommend eating at buffets and quite frankly I hate cold/lukewarm food and I've rarely found a buffet that is able to keep its food hot.

We filled our fuel tanks yesterday and were thrilled to pay $2.26 a gallon. Is that sick or what? The highest price we've paid so far this year was $2.62 in Oregon. I don't know if it's the fact that you can't pump your own gas there or high taxes or what, but that price was extremely painful to pay. It is amazing though how quickly you adjust to the higher prices and begin to think that $2.26 is a bargain. Which is probably exactly what the gas companies want.

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