Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Washington weather

Yesterday we played golf at the Tall Chief Golf Course. It's an unusual course in that it has 12 holes. Why that is, no one knows. However, you can play all day for one price, so it's a good value. That's obvious as the course was crowded and play was slow. It was quite soggy too, from all the recent rain. The sun would come out, then the skies would cloud up and look like rain and then it would clear again. We were chatting with a couple of Washington natives while waiting to tee off and they told us that in Washington summer starts after July 4th; prior to that it's cold and wet and unpredictable, but after that it's wonderful. Okay, I figure that gives us a month of summer then since we should be in Washington until the first week of August.

Golf-wise, I broke a hundred. Hey, I said we played golf, I didn't say I was good at it!

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