Sunday, June 05, 2005

Now we're in Washington

This morning we awoke to overcast skies and little sprinkles, with showers forecast for the entire week. Now this is what I expect Washington weather to be like! It's cool and dreary and a good day to be inside with a cup of hot tea watching golf.

We did drive to Blaine for our Sunday morning breakfast routine, choosing to eat at Nick's Restaurant, fifties-style in looks and decor. The food was good, nothing exceptional and we enjoyed watching birds out the big windows while waiting to be served. After checking our National Geographics "Birds of North America" it appears we saw a Bullock's Oriole and a female Calliope Hummingbird. Two new birds! I mark them off in our book when we're pretty sure of an identification.

In one of our "small world" moments, while at the restaurant I noticed a poster hanging from the wall; a concert appearance by Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry and the "new sensation" Richie Valens, appearing in 1957 at the Grand Ballroom in Dayton, OH, which is where I was born and raised. Now this was the only concert poster in the whole restaurant and it is from my hometown; sometimes life is spooky.

I spent the time on the drive back to the campground looking for all the marvelous rose bushes along the way. I struggled for years in Ohio to grow nice looking roses and each year I would end up with spindly rose bushes that died of black spot. The roses up here reach over the roof tops on ranch homes and the blossoms are six inches across. Added to that, they are every color of the rainbow. This is rose heaven!

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