Wednesday, June 08, 2005

There's rain, then there's rain

We had a tee time set for 11:36 this morning. We awoke to a gentle mist that changed to a light shower that changed to a heavier shower. So being intelligent human beings we decided to cancel said tee time, as there would surely be other sunnier days on which we could play golf. So we ate breakfast and read the morning paper and I made the questionable decision to attend the morning water aerobics class. Why would I go out in the rain for water aerobics when I wouldn't go out in the rain to play golf? Simple! I'm going to get wet doing water aerobics anyway, and it's warm water. Actually, I had made arrangements with the instructor to purchase a copy of her work out cassette tape and figured even if she cancelled class she would bring the tape to the pool area as she knew we were leaving tomorrow. Imagine my surprise when one at a time, the "regulars" starting wandering in for the class. Aren't we the hardy bunch? For me, it's simply a matter of feeling so exhilarated yet so relaxed after a good workout in the water that you don't want to miss a day if you can help it. Plus it doesn't seem like exercise so I find it much easier to stay committed to going to a morning class whenever the campgrounds have one, or doing them on my own with a tape I've copied, if not.

Otherwise, I'm working on a Geocities web site as practice for eventually setting up a more professional looking version. It would simply be an expanded version of a blog, in that it would detail our travels, but also have more specific information about campgrounds we have visited and whatever else I could come up with. Just something to do on rainy days.

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