Monday, October 31, 2005

Movin' on down the road

Today was one of those day's you're glad to be alive; the sun was shining, the air was clear and cool, and everything was just perfect.

Since it's barely November the campground hasn't started to fill with the snowbirds, so we obtained a river front site. The picture here is of the expensive homes across the river, including one owned by a retired race car driver whose name escapes me at the moment. I imagine I appreciate my view of nice, expensive homes more than they like their view of our campground! Actually, we rarely see people in these homes at all when we're normally here in January, February or March, so perhaps these are just summer or weekend homes.

We got set up quickly, but the DW Internet satellite wouldn't go through its test so we ran into town for a late lunch at the China Garden and when we returned we were online. It seems the system tested itself while we were gone and passed. We tweaked it anyway to obtain the best possible signal and that was done. While we were in town we hit Beall's Outlet for some new clothes as we've both lost weight and I knew they would still have summer items as what we needed were new shorts. They were having a special discount sale in addition to the Monday "senior" discount so we walked out with a big bag of clothes at a very ridiculous price-yay!

The next couple of days will be spent trying to figure out my newest toy that arrived in today's mail, a Nokia 6102 flip phone. There seem to be all sorts of bells and whistles, but since you have to wait 8 hours after charging the battery to turn it on so that it can activate itself (and that might take an additional 2 hours) I won't be able to play with it until tomorrow morning at the earliest. I love toys, don't you?

The hummingbird feeder is up to see what we can attract. I did see one flying around an oleander bush as we were leaving for town so perhaps we'll end up with a hummer or two feeding here. I'll try to limit the number of hummer pictures this time, unless I get a really striking one.

By the way, here's our new location for the next two weeks.


Norman said...

What a cool life ya'll live!

I love RV-ing. I've done it a whole TWO big times in my life.


Nancy said...

Oh, Just once I hope to do what you're doing... 'Pup loves to drive and see new things.

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