Monday, June 19, 2006

Amber Watch

The folks at Amber Watch have notified me that they have reduced the price of their watches to $29.95 for the summer season. These watches have a loud alarm that your child can set off in times of trouble or possible abduction attempt that can be heard at a distance equalling the length of a football field. The alarm also goes off automatically if the watch is forcibly removed from the child's arm. The Amber Watch is a fully functional digital watch that also has bright LED lights that can be seen day or night when activated.

If you would like to know more about these watches, click on the Amber Watch link under the "Curious Connections" section on the right hand side of this blog.


Markbnj said...

Hi Guys: Have been following your blog for a while now (silently of course)

Would like to know how bad are our new gas prices affecting you?
has it caused you to stay in one place longer then you used to, or change any of your plans?


Linda and Denny said...

Hey Mark,

Currently what has caused us to change our travel plans was me slipping in a parking lot and breaking my knee cap. Otherwise, we just traveled 3129 miles to get from St. David, AZ to Okeechobee, FL and then to Kettering, OH, so obviously we're not allowing gas prices to stop our travel. Actually, we had a lot more traveling planned before my fall and simply figured on economizing in other areas of our budget; we would eat out less, try to stay at private member campgrounds or discounted campgrounds and cut back on local sightseeing once we arrived at our destination for that week. Have the higher gas/diesel prices affected us-oh yes! Are we going to allow it to curtail our travels? Nope! If necessary, we'll find a seasonal job to make some extra cash for fuel-we're flexible.

Since we've joined a private membership campground system we have extended our stays from one week at a time, which is how we traveled for the first six years of our fulltiming lifestyle, to two week stays. We find the longer stays more relaxing and allow us to see more of the area without feeling constrained to do it all at once.

And after a month of sitting here recuperating from surgery with several weeks of physical therapy in my future, boy am I ready to hit the road!

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