Monday, June 05, 2006

Stir Crazy

My rear end is sore and I'm sick of sitting on this couch and it's only been two weeks since I broke my knee cap and I have another 5 weeks in this brace and I'm going CRAZY!


Denny took pity upon me yesterday and loaded me and Patches into the truck for a drive to the outskirts of Xenia to go strawberry-picking. Denny picked while Patches and I sat in the truck and watched, of course. It felt good to be out in the fresh air and Ohio is marvelously green and lush currently thanks to several days of rain recently. After spending several months in the desert you forget how soft everything looks covered in grass and leaves.

Re: those strawberries. We've bragged to others how good Ohio strawberries are-well these were tart and relatively tasteless, albeit juicy and tender. The farm where we pick berries ususally has several varieties for picking, canning, freezing, jam-making, etc. and we noticed that they've eliminated a lot of the strawberry fields and have planted corn, tomatoes and beans in their place. Perhaps what we got were freezing berries, but we were very, very disappointed. There are other strawberry fields near town, so we may try again elsewhere. If not, there's always sweet corn season in a couple of months. Yum.

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