Friday, June 23, 2006

A Good Time Not to be Traveling

After seeing this picture in the morning paper, I was glad we weren't traveling.  Of course, the weather service won't admit there might have been a tornado passing through Lima, Ohio-straight winds, they're calling it.
 Perhaps the weather service is in league with the insurance companies, hmm?


Calamity H. Jane said...

holy poop.

I am a Canadian who will be marrying an Ohioan and Lima is not too far off from where he lives.
I'm trying to convince this man to move out West to the Pacific where it's only the odd earthquake we might get. But its pointless as he will look up in the sky and see a funnel forming and figures he has enough time to keep golfing. Oy.

Linda and Denny said...

Yep, we Buckeyes are a hardy (or crazy) bunch. We know twisters go for the double-wides rather than the random golfer-heh.

Only the odd earthquake out West? What about the wild fires, mudslides, flooding, tsunami threat, the craziness that comes with the winds of El Nino and more? Give me Arizona where a thunderstorm is "breaking news". LOL.

Katherine said...

I realize this is an older post but I came across your blog and needed to comment.

I was actually on that stretch of highway as the "non-tornado" was coming through. After taking shelter at a near by restaurant, I had to find an alternate route home due to the overturned semis.
While driving through the countryside, I saw flattened houses that no gust of wind could have accomplished.

I have to agree there was a conspiracy between the insurance companies and the National Weather Service.

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