Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I'm mending, I'm mending

Andy, the ortho tech removed my stitches today, commenting about how well I've healed in two weeks. This would be compared to the rest of the clientele I've seen in the office who all appear to be in their mid-70s? But the layers of bandages are coming off finally.

The good news is that Dr. M says I can start putting some weight on the leg, although the locked brace stays on for another two weeks. But at the end of that period I should be off the crutches and after I see him on the 27th I'll start physical therapy immediately afterward. Yay! I never would have thought I'd be looking forward to cooking, cleaning and chores but any kind of movement and physical activity sounds great to me at this moment.

Denny and I stopped for a celebratory milk shake after seeing the doctor and then picked up some magenta colored geraniums to brighten up my mom's back yard as we'll be sitting there to relax after starting the painting and maintenance here shortly. The brilliant red-purple blosssoms will look lovely against the ferns, hostas and lillies of the valley. Along with the gray and white of a little frisky kitten who has discovered the cat entrance in the storm door and that grass won't kill her feet. Things are looking up.

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