Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Denny's golfing and I'm not

Denny had an invitation to play golf today so he's enjoying a break from me since I'm currently rather high maintenance.

Actually, I'm finding a small measure of independence now that I'm allowed to put some weight on my leg.  Yesterday I made a huge pan of lasagna-six cheeses and our homemade meat sauce that makes enough for a small army.  Granted, I had to jack up my crutches and lean on them while I cooked, but by golly, I was cooking!  Denny made a sour cherry pie and my mom chipped in with the garlic laced Italian bread.  Gastronomic heaven and caloric and cholesterol hell disaster and boy was it all good!

Today my mother and I did some clothes shopping and picked up some flowers to plant as the local greenhouses are starting to discount their prices already.  Since I was using my crutches I figure I worked off at least half of last night's calories; hauling your rear end around on crutches is work!  The hardest part of the excursion was trying to maneuver my leg into the front seat of the van and then angle myself on the seat to fit.  But I did it.  It wasn't comfy, but it worked. 

I must admit, being more ambulatory helps my attitude, for which everyone in this household is grateful.  Heh. 

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