Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Minor Milestone

I saw Dr. M yesterday for my first check-up since the surgery. Andy, the ortho tech, removed the brace and all the bandages for my first look at the Frankenstein leg. Honestly? It looked like a dessicated turket leg. Of course I still have the word "YES" written on my thigh in purple ink (they had me write that on my left leg pre-surgery to make sure the proper knee would be operated on) so the good news was that I can now shower if I so desire.

That is one of those good news/bad news routines. The good is that I haven't had a shower since May 21 (now ya'll realize I've sponge-bathed, right?). The bad news is that the bathroom with the big shower stall is down in the basement. So now we have to think of the mechanics involved here. 1. Denny takes the tall stool downstairs. 2. He also brings down the basket with toiletries and eye makeup (big morning make up routine) 3. Denny carries down Linda's crutches. 4. Linda will bump her way down the steps on her butt. 4. The stool goes into the shower as does Linda. 5. We remove the brace, leaving the bandages and being very careful that I do not bend the knee or put weight on it (doctor's orders). 6. Shower and hair washing occurs (oh what luxury!) 7. Carefully remove bandages, clean incision, consider shaving leg but give it up as too inconvenient and unwieldy for now, pat dry, replace bandages, ace bandage and brace. 8. Dress, brush teeth, make up eyes, hobble to steps on crutches. 9. Pull self up stairs on butt. 9. Hobble to couch and fall on it in exhaustion. 10. Denny brings up basket of toiletries and step stool as I'll be darned that I'm going to shower two days in a row with all that involved!

I may ask Denny to take a picture of the turkey leg so I'll have one for posterity. If so, I'll add it in later. Right now I have to take a nap as I'm tired from thinking about all this. Sigh.

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