Thursday, June 08, 2006

Missing Mobility

Darned cat! I had just finished my post when she jumped on the keyboard and it all disappeared. I'd rather blame Blogger.

My thoughts this morning were on how we take the ease with which our bodies move for granted. If you want to get up from the couch, it's a simple matter of flexing your knees and pushing upwards. Voila'. Not so, now. All movements of my left leg involve flexing and pivoting at the hip instead of the knee and that makes it very awkward. But I've learned how to get up from the couch and bed, worked out a system for shimmying onto the back seat of the truck, and with Denny's assistance we even managed to get me showered yesterday. But going up the two steps from the garage into the house has been my Waterloo. I just couldn't do it, even with Denny's physical support and presence. It just wasn't happening. Yesterday's attempt was something that should have been recorded for America's Funniest Videos and even included me hitting my head on the door as we tried yet another method to get me up those two steps (going up on my rear end). It was ugly and painful.

So this morning after we drove out for another stab at picking fresh strawberries (well, Denny picked as I watched from the truck) we decided that my problem was that I was afraid of banging my injured leg/foot on the step as I was raising myself on my good leg so I turned around and went up the steps backward. Ta da! No problem. Yay for me!

I am such a baby. Sigh.

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