Friday, June 02, 2006

Ours is not to question why

My son, Darby, came down to spend the day with us yesterday. As we were talking I told him since I have never been injured or hospitalized before I figured there was a reason for my slip/fall to have happened just now. Sooner or later, I said, that reason would become obvious. It might be I was needed here at home to check on how my mother's health really is, compared to what she e-mails, or to see Denny's dad before the annual Braun reunion in August as was originally planned. But I knew that I find out sooner or later.

Last night, just after Darby left for the longish drive back to Delaware (Ohio, that is) I received two e-mails back to back. One was from my sister-in-law from my previous marriage and the other was from my best-friend-in-eighth-grade, Vicki, who moved to the Atlanta area 25 years ago. Vicki had been trying to locate me and Phyllis (my sister-in-law) had just written me a letter and had checked out my blog and voila', it all kind of came together. It seems Vicki and her husband are going to sell their home this fall and become full-timers and they are coming to the Dayton area for a visit at the end of this month. So it looks like a grand reunion is about to occur! Is this part of the karma? Who knows, but it surely will be a lot of fun!

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