Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Almost There

Crossing Texas has been interesting this trip. Every campground we stayed at had free Wi-fi, although the most expensive and the least expensive campgrounds' signals didn't actually reach into the campground and Denny had to set up our dish to get online. What would have been a luxury a couple of years ago in Internet service is now becoming the norm, which is wonderful as long as the campground owners spend the additional monies for signal boosters so that every site receives a good signal instead of only those closest to the office.

We started every morning by checking the weather forecast and every day doom and gloom was predicted but for the most part our luck held in staying ahead of the storm. Today is our final leg of the journey to Arizona and we can't wait to be able to set up camp and actually stay in one place for a few days. As people who travel full time it sounds strange for me to say that, but our normal mode of travel is to drive 200 or so miles and then settle in for two weeks and then we pack up, drive 200 miles and start the routine again. To move every day is for beginners; those folks who haven't yet realized that they are no longer on vacation with a limited time frame for travel and who think they have to get "there" in a hurry, wherever "there" might be.

Texas is a huge state of interesting contrasts; mountains, valleys and plains, big cities, small towns and no towns. As we were driving through Fort Stockton we picked up the local radio station and listened to a solid 25 minutes of sports news that covered everything including the seventh grade basketball team's scores along with individual players' stats and the girls' powerlifting team's placement in the most recent competition. The nice thing is, I'm sure the townspeople recognized these names and could put faces to them.

I think that perhaps next winter season if we're still on the road (crossing fingers) that we'll have to spend some time exploring more of Texas rather than viewing it as a long drive to suffer through en route to Arizona. After all, how many times do they get freezing rain/sleet/snow for a solid week? This is a freaky thing, right?


vicki said...

You had just come by my place and left a nice comment when our internet went out for three days. I'm stopping by now to say good morning! Yes, what was a luxury just a couple years ago is now routine but I still get cranky at those airports where you have to sign up for a fee to use the wifi.

My husband brought a 32 foot Gulfstream into this marriage 5 years ago and we have enjoyed a couple of great trips, up to Nova Scotia. But the post below is precisely why it makes me way to nervous to use during inclement weather. Oh, Sh*t! is right.

Hope your weather has cleared and you have smooth sailing. I'll watch to see where you are headed next.

Nancy said...

Glad you're safe, and oh! Please do come and explore Texas. That nasty cold stuff really is an aberation. Brrrr.


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