Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rambling on.

Vicki of Outside In had an extremely well-written post that included this quote by Anne Morrow Lindberg; “Perhaps middle-age is, or should be, a period of shedding shells; the shell of ambition, the shell of material accumulations and possessions, the shell of the ego.” Part of the Vicki's entry is about not being sure if she's home yet as she travels between Illinois and Florida.

You could put the words "full time rving" in place of middle age and the same quote would be a good description of the mindset of those of us who travel the roads of this continent. We've given up houses big and small, rarely speak of the jobs that used to preoccupy us or formed the basis of who we were, have a different concept of the word "home". If you read the blogs and websites of those of us on the road you'll often see the quote "Home is where we park it", because we no longer have physical ties to any particular city, although the emotional ties may remain.

Denny and I are often asked our favorite areas and it's hard to know how to respond because the beauty and grandeur we have seen and continue to discover make it hard to choose. Red rocks in the sunset? You can find them in New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. Mountains? In almost every state of the union but in myriad shapes and sizes, bare rock and covered with lush forests, gray, black, brown, tan and green. Spring in the Midwest with its lilacs, dogwoods, red buds, daffodils and tulips? In the South with pink, white and fuchsia azaleas and rhododendrons? Out West with lupine, bluebonnets, California poppies, daisies in white and yellow, globe mallows and more? The technicolor fall of the East or the golden aspens of Colorado? The marvels of hot springs and mud pots in Yellowstone National Park or the awesome power of Niagara Falls. The white sand beaches of Alabama and the panhandle of Florida or the clean, quiet sandy beaches of the west coast of lower Michigan. I could go on and on, so how can one even begin to choose a favorite place? Denny and I have discussed where we would like to settle someday but there are so many areas that appeal to us for different reasons that at this point it's easier simply to remain in our traveling lifestyle for now. Someday, one certain spot may say to us "this is home" but for now we'll remain the RV Vagabonds.

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Coll said...

That's one great big back yard you have. :-)

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