Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Much Warmer Lazy Sunday

The sun is out, as are the tee shirts. Now THIS is Arizona.

Our arrival in Arizona first looked like this. The town of Benson sits at an elevation of approximately 3600 feet so we were right on the edge of the snow level.

Yesterday afternoon we were able to sit outside and enjoy the clear blue skies and early sighting of the moon. There were lots of mare's tail clouds flicking the sky.

We finally had the opportunity to try out Patches' new cat walk. Patches tends to be intimidated in crowded campgrounds and when on her leash will simply circling our fifth wheel rather than walk anywhere so we purchased the cat walk as a way for her to be outside with me while I sit and enjoy the sunshine.

While most hummingbirds have migrated to Mexico and other parts of Central America there's always a few that stay in southern Arizona and California. Patches had forgotten about these little guys and she's finding it very frustrating to reach up and "touch" the bird only to find glass between her and her "toy".

Roses are evocative of warm weather, right? Of course, this picture was taken in Wilson, North Carolina and not in Arizona but it WAS taken in warm weather. The raised rose beds meant you were at nose level with all the fragrance.

Finally, sunset at St. David, Arizona. Doesn't this just say "Arizona" to you?

1 comment:

Coll said...

Ah.. t-shirt weather. That just sounds soooo inviting. I love the cat walk. Does Patches enjoy it? What a great idea.

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