Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Little Hokey in a Pokey Little Town

My agenda yesterday was simple; we would hit a few geocaches, stopping midway to check out the local golf course and find the price to play 18 holes, continue with the rest of the caches and finish off by hitting Wally World for more cold meds and Kleenex.

Simple enough until we hit the fourth geocache and discovered the UCM (you-see-'em) Museum in Abita Springs, touted as an eccentric museum. Eccentric indeed, also eclectic, cluttered, junky, tacky, weird, tasteless and...need I go on? Housed in a former gas station, the museum cum gift shop cum junk yard is irresistible simply due to its extreme funkiness. You wander through just shaking your head at the exhibits and wondering what was in the owner/creator's mind. Strangely enough, among the hundred or so paint-by-number oil paintings that plaster the walls I found a pair of Chinese coolie paintings that were the same 50s set that my mother had painted years ago. That was spooky.

If you happen to be wandering the north shore area of Lake Ponchartraine and have nothing better to do with $3 stop by and wander around this little idiosyncracy near downtown Abita Springs.
Note how happy Denny was to be posing with Alligator Girl for me. Heh.
Giant alligator fish. Err, Bassigator. How amazing! How incredible! How hokey!
Okay, this one I liked. Call me sick.
On everyone's fashion list is the purseigator or crocipurse, shown behind the duckigator--or is it alliduck?
Here for your edumacation and amazement is a gen-u-wine dead mermaid. Believe it--or not.

Folks, I could go on, but I think that's more than enough for one day.

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Coll said...

I think the "gen-u-wine dead mermaid" was the freakiest. :-)

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