Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Frosty Lazy Sunday

Another winter storm warning is in effect for this evening with a possibility of snow. Denny says we should have gone down to Florida instead and I'm beginning to think he's right.

Today's Lazy Sunday pictures have been culled from those I've taken since January 1. There aren't a lot of pictures so far since between having colds, being cold, bad weather and traveling the camera hasn't been put to use much. But here's a sampling.

Patches didn't like the fact that these oddly colored geese with the ugly heads were much bigger than she was. However, every time we stepped outside the geese were there begging and I discovered they loved dry cat food.

This huge roadrunner sits on a hillside near Las Cruces, New Mexico. It's made from junk and trash and is only accessible if you are heading eastbound on I-10. Naturally, we were driving westbound.

This unique variation of an Eurasian-collared dove was trying to feed below our window while we were parked in Vado, New Mexico. The mourning doves and standard colored Eurasian-collared doves kept chasing him away.

A pyrrhuluxia, which is very similar to the Northern Cardinal in shape and size but the only red he bears is around his eyes, on his crest and his tail. I'm hoping he'll perch closer while we're here so I can get a better closeup.

This was the view out our window at our campsite in Vado, New Mexico. They may be the San Andres Mountains, or perhaps the Hueco Mountains.

And finally, a picture of my crafty-ness. Valentine's Day heart earrings from our campground's beading class. $6 and two and a half hours of frustration (the lady that was handling the class is nice, but she's no teacher.)

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Coll said...

Enjoyed the bird photos. I miss the birds during our harsh winter months.

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