Thursday, January 18, 2007


We're here. Actually, we arrived yesterday but the weather wasn't cooperating somewhere and so we couldn't get a good signal to get online with our satellite Internet service. Although snow had been predicted for the El Paso area the morning we left Vado, NM, we had clear sailing all the way to Benson and the sun actually came out shortly before we arrived. There were several semis that passed us coming from the east that were covered with ice and snow so we missed the bad stuff. Yay.

Patches is in seventh heaven. She has spooked two rabbits near the wash behind the trailer (that would be a dry river bed wash instead of laundry) and discovered that birds like to gather in the sagebrush to feed. I've scattered sunflower seeds below our back window and the black-capped sparrows kept the cat entertained for quite some time. Of course we were warned by one of the campground employees that a woman lost her cat to either a coyote or a javelina while staying here recently, but Patches is always leashed and I'm always watching for critters of any sort if only to observe them.

We're not warm yet and another cold front is coming through within a day or so. However, we know that the warmer temperatures will arrive soon and we'll once again be flaunting tans. And I don't want to hear about skin cancer, okay? I need me some natural vitamin D.

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Coll said...

I can so easily visualize Patches as she is mesmerized by the sparrows. My Bear is the same way. :-)

I am a tad jealous of your soon to be tan. :-)

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