Thursday, March 19, 2009

At Yeast We Know

The yeast has been identified as candida blagrata. Still unknown is whether the fungal infection is coming from the TPN/PICC line or if it is the type of systemic fungal infection that affects the heart valve. The infectious disease doctor wants to try using a different type of antifungal medication (voriconazole) to see if it has a better result than what he's been trying. Mom had a echocardiogram the other day but it didn't positively rule out an infection to the heart and the doctor doesn't want to subject her to a Transesophageal echocardiogram as her health is too fragile. So he's going to try the new drugs, then remove the PICC line (and thus also removing the TPN as a possible source of infection) once Mom can swallow pills safely (it's a problem right now) and then if none of that works, will diagnose it as a systemic fungal infection of the heart valves by default and we will transition into making her comfortable from that point on. Whew, what a sentence that was!

At least today Mom was more talkative and alert. There were still periods of confusion and off-the-wall comments, but she ate some ice cream and pudding without too much nagging. Mom still is refusing all solid foods, saying her stomach is growling too much. We tell her it's because her stomach wants food, but on this point she adamant. No solid food. So be it.

I'll cross my fingers for another good day tomorrow.

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