Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Picture for Mom

Since my mother is in the pulmonary care unit, there are no fresh flowers allowed as they are possible allergens. This evening after dinner I glanced out the back door at Mom's house to look for Patches when I saw a flash of yellow in the corner of the yard. There among the dessicated remains of last year's flower bed I discovered two small patches of these yellow flowers which I know that neither she nor I planted. I've been gradually adding perennials to Mom's flower beds in the backyard as she has gotten older and weaker and less interested in tending the flowers. This way the flowers simply come up every year and she doesn't have to mess with them too much. We've tended to purchase lavender colored flowers, along with the occasional white or pink plant that tickles our fancy. Some make it, some don't, as Mom has a heavy growth of wisteria that she loves that climbs the privacy fence and it tends to shade a lot of the flower bed. So these cheerful little lovelies were a pleasant surprise and tomorrow I'll take a print in to show Mom to brighten up her day. And maybe I'll even figure out what they are for when she asks their name.


SkippyMom said...

You always take the loveliest pictures [it was one of the reasons I started reading your blog wayyyy back when :)]

I know your Mom will appreciate it and such a clever idea when they can't have real flowers.

Please give her our best and have a wonderful Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful! Gotta love spring and her many surprises. Your mom will love these!

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