Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I Hope It's the Drugs

Today when I was trying to get my mother to eat her breakfast she kept staring over my shoulder. I finally asked her what she saw back there and she said "your dad". "My dad is behind me?" I asked. "Yes", she said. Okay. Never mind the fact that my father has been dead for twelve years. So there is still weirdness going on even when the nurse hasn't given my mother any pain medication. That's a bit worrisome considering the fact she's an alcohol abuser.

Mom slept through breakfast today when I was there and according to the nurse she slept through lunch and she was trying very hard to sleep through dinner when I left (it was time for my brother to be the nagger). Social services has sent the paperwork to a local nursing home that can and will handle Mom if she still needs the TPN IV for nutrition. The hospital would prefer that Mom was eating solids when they release her but I think they will release her regardless. The nurse was able to get Mom up to walk to the hallway today which is good, but the mental confusion she's still suffering has me really concerned. But it seems I'm the only one who is bothered by it (maybe it's just the idea of my dead father looking over my shoulder--ya think?) I'll see what happens over the next couple of days. Friday would be the earliest the hospital would release her according to Social Services with Monday being more likely. So Mom is improving physically but declining mentally; not the win/win situation I was hoping for.

On the bright side, our temperatures are supposed to get into the 50s tomorrow. I'm ready for sunshine, daffodils and the smell of freshly turned earth in the flower beds. Yep, I'm definitely ready for Spring.


Anonymous said...

Such a stressful time. I guess all one can do is cling to the positive. I hope you are remembering to take care of yourself through all of this. ((hugs))

Cross Road Studio said...

Hello, I have been caring for my mother for six months. She is 88 years old, strong, happy woman that unfortunately broke her hip and is now unable to walk on her own. I encourage her to walk, with my help of course, she really wants to but it is painful and difficult for her. I love your blog. Where did you learn to set up your web page??? I want the same thing for myself to write about my experience with my mother.


Cross Road Studio said...

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