Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Next Step

A representative of Hospice of Dayton met with me today to talk about palliative care for my mother. We discussed some options and for now have worked out that Mom will be released from the hospital tomorrow pending her surgeon's approval and moved to Hospice for evaluation by their staff. After a few days if it's deemed reasonable, we will move Mom home where I will care for her with the assistance of a variety of Hospice staff. While Mom would prefer to go straight home, she agreed to go along with this plan (hey--anything to get out of the hospital!)

Yesterday I arranged with Mom's attending physician to stop any further intrusive testing. We are keeping her on her oxygen, her antibiotics and her TPN, although the goal is to wean her off that as it is the possible cause of the yeast infection. She is no longer being monitored continuously and I have stopped nagging her to eat. From this point on, I will return control to Mom (and boy is that hard for a control freak!) She still has no appetite for solid food, although my brother's girlfriend brought Mom some of her homemade cheesecake in the form of tiny tarts and Mom said she ate two of them so "hurrah!" to Deb for bringing those. Mom is only able to whisper now for some reason--her oxygen levels are fine but I guess her energy reserves are shot. Last night I took her her favorite robe and soft throw and she seems to be sleeping more comfortably in them.

Me? I've succumbed to a cold and have started to droop a bit. But tomorrow's another day.

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SkippyMom said...

I hope that you are sleeping soundly and this cold isn't of the bad variety - I am sorry you are sick, please take care [Lots of Chicken soup and OJ :) ]

It seems like things are moving in the right [a good?] direction for your Mom. And if cheesecake is all she wants? Then good for her [Deb sounds like a sweetie].

I am sending you a big hug and a good thought that you feel better soon.

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