Monday, March 02, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

Five phone calls and two Cosmos into my evening and I'm thinking I need to get something into my stomach here. Mom slept the day away and I had to oversee a scary-weird PCT (personal care tech) who was male, semi-gay and WAY too weird and rough for my liking to handle my mother's bath and personal care. I realize times are hard but don't hospitals have an obligation to vet these employees? Wow. Okay, I need to eat.

My brother had to leave the hospital because the hospital room is claustrophobic (you have all of 18 inches of room to move around in, literally). He and I have been estranged for years, but he is finally coming around and we are connecting. So something good is coming from all this. Mom is still only semi-conscious today even though she hasn't had dilaudid since 1AM this morning and she's still saying things that scare me. I'm hoping that the sleep she's getting will do her good, but the fact that she's only aware for about ten seconds at a time worries me. But her heart rate is better, her oxygen levels are decent and her pain levels are down. I just don't want her to choose sleeping over life.

We'll see.

Again, many thanks to those who have written with love, care and support--I love you guys!


SkippyMom said...

Hmm..I think I mentioned a cup of tea. But hey! If you are making Cosmos I just have one question.

Where's mine? :)

Glad to see your brother is coming around and your Mom is more comfortable. I don't think she is choosing sleep as much as she needs this rest. Remember that, okay?

I am glad [thrilled actually] that you are getting some rest yourself. It is the best thing you can do for you and Denny. Don't deny yourself.

Hugs! and thanks for the great email. [PS We'll take our RV through the Denali, Pooldad is fearless]

Soulknitting said...

Hmmmm, cosmos and food are VERY important in these trying times. My heart goes out to you and Denny AND your Mom. :::sigh:::

Perhaps you should now pick up the brain twisting hobby of knitting. Yes, laugh at me; HA!! Its madness will keep you perplexed, insane and BUSY in small spaces for hours. Better to curse you knitting than anything/one else.

And what's up with the weird home health care guy? Request a new one; I think you can do that without having to give a reason. It's your time and emotions.

Blessings....Kim and Luna

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